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    Blog Integration

    Most websites that use a blog benefit greatly, and so can yours.

    There are many ways a blog can be integrated into a new or existing website by using GetRanked1st’s services.

    Blogs can have their own dedicated webpage or a spot designated on any existing webpage.

    When choosing a blog, most companies typically employ simple platforms that are customized to their particular website design.


    Blog Platforms

    The first thing you must do when incorporating a blog is choose a blog platform.

    There are 4 main types of blog platforms to choose from: wordpress, blog engine blogs, moveable type, and grey matter blogs.   Each type of blog platform has different functions and layout, so you will have to decide what style is preferable to your companies needs.

    WordPress blogs are the most robust and stable, and are recommended for any blog installation.


    Blog Customization

    Once you have chosen a particular blog platform, you can then choose what features of the blog you want to keep.  Anything can be added or removed from your blog to suit your company’s specific needs.

    Graphically, your blog can be altered so it looks very much like it was built custom to your website.


    A Blogs Purpose

    Blog integration is great for adding new content to your website with ease and in effect allows search engines to better identify what your website is about.  This will result in more traffic going to your website.

    Company news and updates can easily be broadcasted to your customers and the general public easily by blogging on your blog.


    Adding Content

    Anyone with a user account can go in an update your blog whenever necessary.

    Tip:  If your employees take time out each day to write on your company’s blog, then you will be able to generate all the blog content you need to make your blog effective.

    If you still need more blog content, then we offer content generation as a service.  All content created will be made to attract a greater audience than you currently have coming to your blog.


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