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    The Power Of Seven and Online Remarketing Offers Huge Potential for Businesses

    Online remarketing has hit the mainstream in the online advertising world as ROI is apparent for almost anyone who utilizes it.  What makes remarketing a universal marketing tool for advertisers is the fact that it is more than just effective. Remarketing is simplistic with a low probability for failure.

    Even though remarketing is an obvious choice for professional marketers, many small and medium sized businesses do not understand yet how to best implement it.  This article will explain why remarketing works, and how you, (yes you) can start to remarket your business online.



    If you are an offline marketing buff or have went to school for such, then you have probably heard of the rule of seven.  Simply put, this rule states that a typical customer must see a business’s advertisement at least seven times before they purchase.  The number seven is actually just an average but should give you, the business owner, a good indication as to why your ‘one hitter quitter’ marketing campaigns cannot work.


    Here are few reasons why a customer must see your marketing message multiple times before they decide to buy, but it is not exhaustive:

    1. Attention– Buried in a world of advertising clutter, most consumers suffer from ad exhaustion by the time they have seen your advertisement for the first time and have ignored it- even though their subconscious has not.  Whether it may be a direct mail piece that has quickly been glanced at before it hits your potential customer’s garbage can, or a banner ad on a website that has been seen with your potential customer’s peripheral view, every impression counts.
    2. Demand– A new roof cannot be sold to a customer who does not need one, but  if you market to your potential customers before they need your services, who do you think they are going to choose for the job when their roof is leaking?
    3. Price– Does what your charging for a home efficiency upgrade seem exorbitant to the unsuspecting?  It is your job as a salesman to provide reasoning as to why your product or service is worth every penny you are charging.  Can you conceptualize what you have to offer so it can be easier for your prospect to digest?  By delivering this message in a series of advertisements, any concepts learned will become fact in time.
    4. Trust– Who are you?  Why should your prospect believe anything you have to say? After all, you are just another pesky salesmen.  A ‘fly by night’ company advertises in a ‘burst’ like fashion, but household names do not.  By seeing your advertisements again and again, a potential customer will figure out that you are in for the long haul.


    Remarketing Online

    Let’s move onto the digital version of what was described in the list above.  Remarketing to a customer using a direct mail piece is expensive, cumbersome and time consuming whereas online remarketing is easy, seamless, and predictable.  Just as you would send out many pieces of direct mail to a customer without expect them to buy immediately upon first being acquainted with your brand, we will remarket to your website’s visitors until they decide to purchase. In the case of online remarketing, however, we can extend well past seven remarketing instances and into the three figure territory.

    To setup an effective remarketing campaign, you will need to create ad stationary like you would with any other remarketing campaign.  Using Google Adwords, you may remarket to your website’s visitors in multiple ways.  The options available to you the advertiser are as follows:


    1.  Text Ads– Using up to 95 characters, tell us what you offer.  If I was searching for a name brand product, then make sure to tell me what that brand is.  If I was searching for a product that isn’t so rare, then make sure to tell me what that product or service is.  Text ads will get the most exposure on the Google display network.

    text ad

    2.  Graphic Ads– Google allows us to promote ads for display on their partner’s sites in nine different sizes.  To maximize your remarketing potential, spend the time to create ads in all available sizes and keep the feel of your ads similar as to create an everlasting impression on your customers.  Offsetting or reversed colors on ads created can provide a break from your ad’s message and create ad fatigue.  Ads that match the theme of your website will be the most effective at triggering memory about your product or service and should include actual photography of what you have to offer whenever possible.

    image ad horizontal

     image ad

    thumbnail3.  Animated Ads– By adding a little ‘oomph’ to your graphic ads, click through rates and eyeballs on your ads will skyrocket.  Code your graphic ads in a .gif format to comply with Google Adwords policies and increase your total amount of conversion opportunities.



    Adwords Setup

    Once your ad stationary is created, it is time to load your ads into the Google Adwords account dashboard.  I recommend creating a separate campaign for remarketing ads to segregate this advertising from any other Google Adwords advertising you may be doing.  Once your ads have been uploaded, it will take up to a few days for them to be approved.  Make sure to un-pause your remarketing campaign for this review process so that your ads will get approved in record time.


    Remarketing Tracking Script

    In order to remarket to your website’s visitors once they have made it to your website, you will need to install a code snippet on your website that Google will provide to you.  This code should be installed on every page of your website’s footer, so it can track your  visitors site-wide and wherever they may have went.  Micro targeting of users via individual pages is also possible using code segmentation.

    Once Google’s tracking code is installed on your website, new website visitors will be set with a tracking cookie immediately and be targeted with ads once 100 visitors have visited your website.  Bid high on your remarketing campaign to ensure high numbers of ad impressions for your campaign, or at least $1.00 per click.


    remarketing code snippet



    Over time, your web remarketing list will grow to include a very large list of people who are being retargeted.  It is possible to retarget your customers for any time period you specify and allow you to grow your remarketing lists to a reasonable size.  The longer you run your online remarketing campaign, the better your results will be as more people will be ready for purchase as their objections are eliminated.  It usually will take six months of active remarketing to achieve a 100% or greater increase in the total amount of conversions you are currently receiving from your website, however; your advertised product or service and sales funnel will dictate your overall success level with the program.

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