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    GetRanked1st will help maintain the relations with your customers on social media networks. We have the ability to act quickly to any negative information posted about your company or brand.

    Customers that are not happy with your products or services for whatever reason might end up mentioning this fact on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. When these disgruntled customers inform their friends of these misfortunes, many more people not directly engaged in that conversation could see this information as well.

    Our goal at GetRanked1st is to get in contact with these customers upon mention your brand and ask them to reconsider their actions.

    The goal is to get the customer to either update the conversation or remove this information all together.

    As a representative of your company, we can offer the customer reparations for the bad service in the form of a refund or free offer to help rectify the situation. Sometimes only an apology is in order; the situation varies from person to person.

    Unhappy customers always appreciate someone contacting them in these situations as it makes them feel your company cares to maintain a high level of service. Studies show customers contacted in this fashion are likely to buy again.

    No matter the situation, action must be taken immediatelyfollowing the negative information that has been posted to remove the chance of damage to your brand. There is only a small window in which to react. Our highly trained staff coupled with sophisticated software can assure you that you companies’ reputation will be a positive one.

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