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    SMS And E-mail Play A Pivotal Role In Competitive Local Markets

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    Search engine marketing, in most people’s opinions, offers the most powerful marketing tool available through new age electronic medium transfer, however; often overlooked are the direct marketing mediums available to businesses everywhere. Namely, e-mail marketing and text marketing offer an effective outlet to market in competitive spaces where the typical search engine volume is low or the bulk of purchases are reoccurring.


    A business such as a hair salon will get most of its new business through customer referrals, but repeat business involving high margin services are how the bills get paid. Hair stylists can generate higher margin services by reminding their clientele of a special offer near the time of an event such as a high school prom, for example, when demand for them is high.

    Direct mail has historically been the medium a small business would use to stay in touch with its customers during these pivotal times, however; the cost of mail postage offers too high of an overhead in many cases. Today with e-mail marketing however, and more specifically SMS marketing, a more realistic way to market exists.


    Most business owners who wish to enact an electronic direct marketing campaign will not or cannot due to one of the following factors:

    1. They are unaware of the program process or its effectiveness.
    2. Technical inability to enact such a process.
    3. Inability to gather telephone numbers or e-mail address contacts for such a program.


    Restaurant-SMS-Example-AfterWhen a business contacts us to generate more sales from their existing contacts, we simply explain the benefits of direct marketing to them. Whether it may be Facebook, Twitter, Text or SMS Messaging, a plan is enacted to make their business known through a series of carefully crafted messages.

    Once we have explained the amount of opportunities available and best devise a plan to collect customer information, special offers are created to create a customer magnet. Often times, our firm also offers to create the collateral necessary to generate the e-mail or SMS text leads needed to be successful with the program. Things such as posters and custom receipt designs are only some of the options available.



    To make the campaign successful, the marketer in charge of the campaign will need to test multiple strategies and readjust their pitches on an ongoing basis. Messages that offer a higher level of customer engagement will provide a higher rate of return as costs to perform a direct remarketing campaign can become quite significant with time.

    Typical direct marketing campaigns will be a mix of commercial offers and general information. In the case of the hair salon above, hair care tips to ensure a color job is properly taken care will build demand for the correspondence. Clientele who are corresponding on an ongoing basis will not only understand the true value of the service but also will be less likely to unsubscribe.

    E-mail newsletters and text message marketing offer one way communication. Anyone who wishes to seek more professional advice on the product or service offered will need to come in or call providing another sales opportunity for the business.

    Given the low cost of such electronic communication vs. direct mail, ROI is within reach of any business regardless of its size or current client base.


    Direct marketing techniques offer a way to nurture customers for future sales as they come in contact with your business. Newsletters and text messages sent to your customers will offer a reminder of what you do and act as the building blocks for creating a strong brand. Sales may come direct or as time accrues and demand is created. If your competitors are currently enacting such a campaign, it is only a matter of time before your clientele move to do business with someone that is more proactive than you!


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