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    Search Engine Marketing Service

    Search Engine Marketing is a term to describe marketing methods that use search engines as a facilitator.  Search Engine Marketing methods include PPC or pay per click advertising and SEO or search engine optimization.


    Search Engine Marketing Consultant

    Generally, most web businesses use a combination of both of the previous listed marketing methods to gain as much visibility in the search engines as possible.  Pay per click advertising results in immediate targeted traffic to a website, and search engine optimization is a method used to gain organic search result placement over time.

    SEO takes more time and money to get results, but efforts are longer lasting that PPC.  By having your website listed in both areas of search engine results, the maximum amount of targeted traffic can be obtained.  Some searchers click on paid results, some do not, however if you want as many visits from a search term as you can, then you need to target both listings.

    GetRanked1st is a web marketing and design company that knows how to effectively get your listing seen in both paid and organic spots.  Anyone can bring some results; we do it with minimal spend.  Our methods of accomplishing this are proven from the many other clients we have done work for.

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