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    GetRanked1st has the experience necessary to create the high level phone application development needed for your organization.

    Investment in a mobile app will save your company money as it can replace many in house technology functions. Your IT staff can be reduced in size in many cases, and management of your network systems can be made less relevant.

    Mobile applications developed for your company are made to work in a computing cloud and use off-site computer hardware to facilitate your company’s communications. All upgrades or updates to your mobile communication infrastructure can be made automatically through this mobile cloud structure without input from an in-house IT staff.

    Your employees will be made more efficient when using a newly created phone app system because of the increased availability of necessary job data. Instead of having to make a trip to the computer to search for supply line information or product data, the worker can access this information without changing locations. In addition, alerts can disseminate from a central hub in your organization to all relevant parties in regards to changes in planning in real time.


    List of Potential Phone Applications We Can Create:

    • Shipping and Receiving Tracking
    • Product Supplier Tracking
    • Inventory Tracking
    • Product Information Access
    • Safety Data or MSDS Information Access
    • Accounting Information Storage
    • Payment or Accounts Receivable Information
    • Manufacturing Line Item Tracking
    • Employee Location Tracking
    • Time Clock Functions
    • Payroll Notifications
    • And More


    If you want to be able to give your employees the tools to work more efficiently, then give them a phone app that will speed access to the information they need. We can help you analysis what your employees are saying about their data needs and create a phone app that will optimize this data’s transmission and retrieval.

    Ongoing support and upgrades for mobile apps are available. No need to worry if your organization changes it structure frequently; we can change your mobile apps even faster.

    Give us a call for a custom phone app quote.

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