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    On Page/ Off Page Optimization

    GetRanked1st has the expertise to produce high quality results both the on page and off page. Without both being carried out effectively, your SEO campaign will suffer significantly.


    On Page SEO

    On page search engine optimization is what gives the search engines an idea as to what your website is about. The key terms your company is targeting must be clear and present to the search engines when their spiders to come and crawl your web pages. A website that has the right features added to it will have quite an edge over a website that does not have these features optimized. Without the ideal on page SEO, off page SEO efforts can be rendered useless.

    Here is our extensive on page SEO process:

    •  Optimize No-Follow Links
    • Optimize JavaScript
    • Optimize Alt Tags
    • Optimize CSS (Style Sheet)
    • Optimize H1, H2 (Header Tags)
    • Optimize Flash
    • HTML Sitemap Optimization
    • XML Sitemap and Submission
    • Add/Optimize Site Footer
    • Improving Site Architecture
    • Navigational Menu Optimization
    • Improve Code Structure
    • Page Speed Analysis
    • Add Descriptive Title Tags to Links
    • Add Canonical Link Tags
    • Link Flow – SEO Sculpting Analysis (includes interlinking and nofollow)
    • Discover and Fix Google WMT errors (404, 403, 301)
    • 301 Redirect Analysis


    Off Page SEO

    Off page search engine optimization, or as others call it, “back-linking” is a major part of what decides how high your web pages will rank in the search engines. A website that has a link pointing in from another website will count as a “vote” to rank your website higher.

    Some links will be weighted heaver than others by the search engines depending on their page rank (PR) and relevancy; however a healthy link profile that points to your domain will always result in a positive effect for your website’s ranking.

    Off Page SEO is quite complicated, and it takes experienced professionals to do it right- let GetRanked1st handle all of that for you by delivering your website the factors it needs.

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