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    Competition Analysis

    Anyone that is going to invest time and money into search engine optimization will need to complete a competition analysis. Competition analysis is preformed on direct competitors websites based on a company’s chosen list of targeted key terms. The results of a competition analysis should yield a precise calculation as to what is needed for a top ranking of particular key term or keyword.


    Competition analysis’ purpose is to filter out keywords that a company might find too difficult to target from their targeted keyword list. This will allow you to target the best balance of highest converting keywords and easiest/fastest to obtain and in turn, maximize your return on investment.

    Our competition analysis report will break down all the various factors that have gone into ranking your competitors websites for the particular term or terms.

    Upon completion of your competitive analysis, we can then work together to choose which key terms to target.

    There are quite a few different factors that go into ranking a key term; all of which will be broken down on your report.


    Keyword Choice From Competition Analysis

    Regardless of what market may be, there are plenty of ways to get traffic to your website via organic search rankings. If you’re in a low competition market, then you might be able to go after the shorter key terms that are 2 or 3 words long, ie. (aerial photography), or in a more competitive market, longer terms, ie.(high speed toothbrush kit).

    We can help you optimize for any keywords, however ranking for more competitive terms will take longer than lower competition keywords. The longer it takes to rank, the more it will end up costing your company.

    Once your company ranks for the less competitive terms, ranking for the more competitive terms becomes easier. We will help you decipher from your report what to expect in terms of ranking difficulty for any keyword.

    After analyzing your report and choosing your keywords, you can then devise the best course of action for your search engine optimization plans.

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