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    Pay Per Click Retargeting

    Re-targeting or re-marketing of your customers through pay per click advertising is absolutely essential today. If your paying to send a customer to your website and are not following up with re-marketing to finalize the purchase- you will be loosing conversions…

    Re-targeting works by having your ad show up on other websites that your potential customer visits.Any website that is a sponsor of Google advertising can display your ad again and again. Basically the way re-targeting works is this, when a customer visits your website their browsers cookies remembers the fact that they visited your website, so does Google. Therefore, we are able to use that information to have your ads essentially follow a potential customer for a set amount of time and have your ads display non-stop to further market your brand in the eyes your visitors.

    Since websites that sponsor Google advertising are widespread, your potential customer will be shown your ad frequently. When your customer is actually ready to buy, they will remember your company by employing this methodology. In addition, anytime your ad is displayed, a chance for an impulse buy is there once again.

    Statistically as a whole, companies that use re-targeting with their PPC campaigns pay less to acquire each customer vs. using traditional pay per click alone. If you want to start re-targeting your customers, call us today.

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