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    The ads you use for your pay per click advertising campaign are very important to your conversion rate. People use GetRanked1st to develop their ad copy because we know how to deliver the maximum amount of qualified buyers to their websites for the lowest possible cost. There are several factors to gaining a high quality score with Google and it is an integral element of a successful PPC campaign.


    Simply choosing one ad design for your entire advertising campaign and sticking with it will most certainly produce extremely poor campaign performance. Finding the very best ad copy takes persistence; testing of many different ad copies will allow you to discover the very best ad copy for selling your companies’ products or services.

    One particular ad copy might generate the maximum amount of clicks to your website, another might have the best conversion rate; what you’re looking for is the maximum amount of conversions at or below a desired cost per acquisition cost. This is what makes return on investment tracking easy. All you need to do is tell us is how much your company will pay for a sale, and we can help deliver the maximum amount of conversions at or below this price.

    Our master copywriters on staff will be able to write captivating ad copies that are guaranteed to eliminate much of the time wasted searching for your ideal ad copy.


    Ad Copy Click Through Rate Optimization

    Google likes to display ads for a particular key-term that get high click through rates. A relevant ad increases the quality of the searchers experience, and creates positive rapport with the search engines. Google also makes the most money this way. If your ad gets the highest click through rate vs. the other advertisers, Google will reward your company with the lowest cost per click for any particular ad spot. Everyone wins with a highly relevant ad: you, Google, and your customers.

    Customized ad copies that are tailored specifically to whatever the user is searching for is critical for maximizing click through rate. If your customer is searching for “Callaway Golf Clubs”, then your ad title better be “Callaway Gold Clubs” instead of just the generic, “Golf Clubs”. Each product that you sell must have a unique ad copy written for it; the more specific, the better the results you will get. We can generate unique ad copies for each and every one of your products or services at request. Additionally, unique ad copies can be made available for particular key-terms to even further optimize your click through rate. The usual ad testing will be made available for each ad copy we develop.

    By using Google Analytics and other software, we can determine which specific ad copies are working for you and which are not. The value in finding that particular ad that converts better than the rest will pay dividends for your company for the duration of your PPC campaign.

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