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    Case Study

    Case Study GTA Phone Repairs

    GTA Phone Repairs is a phone repair company based out of Ontario, Canada.

    GTA Phone Repairs had contacted GetRanked1st because they were looking for a custom marketing plan for their business.  We were able to propose to them a plan for SEO, Pay Per Click, Print Media, and Google Local Positioning from which they would benefit.

    Upon contacting us, GTA was mostly interested in capturing targeted LOCAL traffic to their website, but was also interested in branching out from their local area to market their new unlocking service and expanding their accessories store internationally.


     Google Local

    GetRanked1st had developed a Google local optimization strategy for gtaphonerepairs.com that would allow their site to rank high in their region of Ontario called Markham.  As a result of GetRanked1st’s actions, GTA Phone Repairs is showing in the Google local search listings for terms related to local phone repair business.

    GetRanked1st was able to help GTA Phone repairs garner a high ranking quickly for several reasons…

    To start, customers that were pleased with GTA’s repair service were encouraged to leave feedback in GTA’s Google local listing profile upon our recommendation to do so.

    Secondly, we had assisted GTA in filling out their Google local listing profile to the fullest extent by including things such as video and company images so that Google would take notice of their profile.

    Finally, GetRanked1st was able to make sure profiles from other company listings on the web were made consistent to the Google local listing profile that was created for them.  Since GTA had not created many ancillary listings for their company previously, GetRanked1st had added additional profiles to bolster their Google local profile performance.

    As a result of our actions, GTA Phone Repairs now ranks #1 for Markham Phone Repair.


    Pay Per Click

    A pay per click advertising campaign was activated for GTA Phone repairs before their company Google Local profile was showing ranking for terms related to their business.  This allowed GTA Phone repairs to start getting phone repair leads to their website the day they called us up.

    Since GTA’s website was properly laid out and ideal for converting leads into sales, return on investment for their ‘pay per click’ campaign was almost instantaneous.

    When GTA garnered their #1 spot for their Google local listings, their PPC campaign was no longer needed to pickup local phone repair customers searching in Google.  This had happened only 2 months into their contract with us.

    GTA Phone Repairs would like to activate a PPC campaign for their new phone unlocking service soon to expand their business internationally.  Once GTA finalizes their phone unlocking system setup for their clients, their new PPC campaign will commence.

    Due to the success of their previous PPC campaign, GTA’s confidence in their future campaign is solid.


    Search Engine Optimization

    GetRanked1st’s job was to obtain a #1 ranking for GTA Phone Repair in several terms related to their local phone repair service.  GetRanked1st went to work as soon as we were hired to promote GTA’s website on all of the local forums, blogs, and related phone repair websites on the web.

    The goal of the offsite promotion was to increase the amount of back-links to their site.  Simply put, a back-link is link to a website that is clickable.

    Back-links are a tally that Google counts up to see which websites should be ranked high in Google.

    Through GetRanked1st’s unique strategy, all of the back-links picked up for their company’s website were highly relevant to their business.  This not only brought value to GTA’s website, but also to the websites that the back-links were placed on as well.

    Users on the internet can now find GTA’s website listed wherever a local phone repair customer may be.  Many potential customers have visited GTA’s website by clicking on these back-links as a matter of needing a good phone repair company in the future.

    When Google noticed these back-links from supporting community members, they responded by ranking GTA high in their search engine results.

    Google has now given GTA Phone Repair a #1 ranking for all of the key terms GTA was hoping for.  When combined with the fact that GTA is the leader in the Google local results, GTA now holds maximum saturation level in Google for local phone repair search terms in Markham.


     Print Media

    To effectively maximize the total exposure in the Markham area; GTA has decided on executing a flyer distribution campaign.

    GetRanked1st had not only assisted GTA in the creation of the graphics for these flyers, but also the printing and distribution as well.

    Upon completing the first round of flyer distribution, GTA was quite happy to see the results.

    A 2% response rate was shown with the first 500 flyers distributed; good enough for GTA to add new flyer distribution campaigns regularly.  Now every two weeks, GTA has a new flyer promotion idea in which GetRanked1st delivers the flyers each time.



    GTA has the goal of reaching full market saturation in the Markham area for phone repair, and is very close to doing so.  Because of their success, GTA is now expanding their operations to include a nationwide Pay Per Click and SEO Campaign for their phone unlocking service and eCommerce phone accessory store.

    Most companies like GTA Phone Repairs are happy to keep expanding their marketing budgets long after they see the initial results of our actions.  When you are working with us, there is no limit to your success.  A wide variety of opportunities exist to expand business.

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