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    Mobile Advertising and What You’re Missing- Cash In Before The Good Days Are Over

    Smart phone technology really has taken off.  Smart phones have gotten cheaper, and as a result, their demand has exploded.  It is estimated that 60 million people now use smart phones.   Smart phone technology has been adopted so fast that the demand for its content has outstripped the production of thereof.  This shortage of content isn’t a result of lack of demand to produce it, it is largely the result of advertiser knowledge blackout and the lack of advertiser competition thereof.

    seo service companyA large part in demand for advertising on smart phones comes from experienced ad agencies that not only know the power of mobile advertising, but also know how to produce a website that is made for the purpose.  If a small time business owner has the desire to activate mobile advertising, then all that is needed to launch their campaign is a talk with an ad agency such as our own.  Because these small and medium sized businesses mostly think that mobile advertising is a small and significant part of the search market, the venue is still underdeveloped as a whole.

    Yes, some studies have shown that as much as 40% of local searches come from a smart phone, and this is only set to increase with data plans becoming cheaper for the smart phone customer.  There are golden opportunities that exist for marketing agencies that spend the time and money to educate themselves to fully exploit this whole market segment of advertising.

    When using Google AdWords, by default you can advertise your same pay per click advertising campaign on both mobile networks as well as tablets during the setup process in the campaigns settings menu.  Even though by default these two type of devices are turned on when activating an AdWords campaign, many advertisers are going the extra mile to turn them off because their websites are not setup for Mobile.  Additionally with the mystery that is shrouded over the idea of mobile advertising, many advertisers are opting out of this ad placement setting due to fear.

    Setting a website up to be optimized for mobile traffic is not hard if you use third party tools such as Mobify, but designing a new site from scratch that is compliant with phones is a nightmare.  I recommend that if you don’t have the time and money to build a .mobi for your company the right way that you use these third party tools to help you out.  A mobile website that doesn’t show up right for the user will not generate the savings normally achieved by activating such a campaign.

    Here is a graphic that demonstrates the price difference of a mobile click vs. a standard device click for the different local based search market terms:

    seo service


    An average of 50% cheaper here for a mobile click makes a great value if you are a local business.  Non local businesses can still make off well, but generally is only beneficial if the site in question is one of the following categories: game sites, news, weather, social media, and service or ecommerce shopping.

    A recent study that has been completed by Liberty University shows the typical conversion rate delivered by a mobile click is substantially higher than a standard device.  Their studies indicate a 50% higher conversion rate over a standard site with a same source of traffic as a constant.

    Combining these two cost saving facts in one package means the pain in the back of implementing mobile advertising right fits into the budget every time.  Make sure you don’t forget your user testing when implementing a mass mobile marketing campaign as these types of users behave differently than your typical standard website users would.

    Users on their phones will be more impatient and have a shorter attention span than even a standard web user, and data has to be quickly and easily accessible.  Things you should be experimenting with is font sizes, colors, and frame/css options.

    Don’t worry about getting your mobile website to view perfect for every phone on the planet as you will never accomplish such a task.  Focus on creating a very clean mobile website that suits most mobile users and provides them with the most basic information that they will need to buy, e-mail, or call your business.


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