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    Is Your Market Competitive or Product/Service Obscure? Rethink Social Media, You Can’t Go Wrong!

    So, you want to get social do you? Then let’s talk a little social media and how you can best harness these digital platforms to hone your creative persuasion prowess and gain brand recognition in a world now run by 140 characters or less. Many companies attempt at having an online presence, but they don’t actually engage to inspire an interaction with their audience. At best, the social media accounts set up for companies are nothing more than message boards.  Wake up people! Company updates are for monthly e-mail newsletters. Not “social” media!

    Social media is a powerful tool for marketers and companies  as it gives everyone a voice and a medium to connect on an even playing field. There isn’t a need to get past the gatekeeper because there isn’t one.  Markets can be tapped through the key players in the industry or through their customers and never force a marketer to cold call or spam.  Brands can now be known for what they know best, the products and services they offer, and not for what they might be.


    To effectively engage with clients and potential customers, you must give the public a taste of what your company knows or has to offer.  To do this, our firm utilizes social media monitoring tools to identify opportunities, and then we chime in whenever possible.  This way, the impression of your brand will be interlinked with the concepts mentioned in the conversation  and can trigger a memory of your brand with the thought of a similar concept.

    Zoomsphere, www.zoomsphere.com, has amazing tools to target brand opportunities.  Once you sign up for a new account, go ahead and click on, “engagement console” and type in the search bar any keyword or phrase you would like to start monitoring on the web.  Keep in mind this FREE Zoomsphere social media monitoring tool will look for opportunities across many social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, G+, Flikr and even blog discussions that are current!  A screenshot listed below shows just what is possible using the tool…

    wrecked car

    Once you have found a good opportunity to chime in, go ahead and log into your social media account of relevance to comment.  In this particular case of, “I wrecked my car” an auto parts company could, for example, comment about the eventful situation in a non-commercial way.  If it’s only a minor wreck, they could give the poster advice on what could be done to fix or repair the damage.  If your businesses name is “cheap aftermarket parts”, I am willing to bet the poster might actually consider a purchase either consciously or subconsciously.  The goal here isn’t to sell anything directly. The goal is to only generate a brand impression, gain followers and likes, or a search query if we are lucky.  Just a few hours of similar activity per day will make a huge difference in the amount of total traffic your website receives, and ultimately, how many sales.  Users who do not visit your website right away or buy from a result of our actions will be more likely to do so when they inevitably make that warranted search for products or services you offer.

    Since we are not directly selling our products or services, we still need a reasonable way to measure our social media efforts.  Many times, when a social media user sees our comment, they will click to see who is commenting on their profile and then visit the brand’s page.  It may also be another commenter or passerby who visits the brand’s page, so there are many ways it can happen.  In any case, the user will find the brand’s page from noticing our comment and/or generated discussion and will click a link from within our wall post (if we have one readily available in the comments section) resulting in a referral on your Google Analytics profile. We can also drop links to your site from within your comments and/or discussions if the time and opportunity is right. This makes tracking our success very easy.  Finally, don’t forget Facebook insights for tracking profile page views.

    You can see the total amount of social media visits to your site from within your Google Analytics profile by clicking on “social” from the left hand sidebar of your account. You can also see any social conversions by setting goals and viewing goal completion paths.  A good way to monitor success will be tracking time on site, but it is possible to sell products directly if you have a good enough one.

    social 1

    social 2


    Social media has limitless potential for your company if you play your cards right.  By being the consumers advocate at the right times, there is a wealth of branding opportunity waiting for you.


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