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    How Small Business Is Missing The Adwords Boat– Adwords Not To Blame…

    If you the small business owner have already played the Google Adwords game, then you already probably speak out against it due to lack of attrition. Granted, AdWords does portray itself as a loser for most, however does not have to be…

    We here at GetRanked1st do agree AdWords is indeed complicated, and is not for the faint of heart. Google even provides an extensive training program so those parties such as ourselfs can be competent when serving the public, however is mostly unknown to the end advertiser unequivocally (hint hint).  There is no longer an excuse to loose this rigged game…

    Google Adwords without a doubt is a very powerful tool, and in the right hands, quite literally a way to generate a full time living all it itself.  One can dictate how an ads looks, displayed to what type of people, in what frequency, and under what terms.  There is always a correct time/method to show an ad to your prospective customer, and is the key to the game.  The correct combination of levers and switches deliver success, and is why they exist…    The right combination of “BAR“‘s lead to an everlasting jackpot.

    An improperly setup Adwords campaign is doomed to fail before it succeeds because quite frankly, learning is expensive. Budgets can evaporate in hours if the wrong buttons are hit.  If you have a large upfront budget however and many existing customers, you may not even notice any lack of performance- even though it is certainly there lurking…

    Waste is mostly always present, whereas our long list of clientele has proven this time and time again.  The smallest mistakes lead to the biggest losses in this pay per click game….


    The Breakdown

    As an Adwords expert, I can say that difficulty has been intentionally baked into the design. There is no motivation for Google to help the small business advertiser to run an efficient Adwords campaign. Google plays the role of the casino dealer here in this situation whereas the game is rigged for the inexperienced.  They do have investors to worry about, and therefore make a bad business partner. Ease of use could be worked into the design, but isn’t.  Billions of dollars netted a program best played out by true professionals, and battled out against each other.  We provide the service that could practically but amicably be antiquated to card counting in a game of black jack.  Make us a partner in business, and level the playing field for yourself…


    What We Can Provide

    We may not know your business, but you certainly do not know Adwords like we do.  Our job requires us to ask questions and find out what an ideal client/customer should be.  Have a preferred service you would like to vend?  Let us know.  Prefer to pickup more customers on a Thurs-Friday when business is slower?  Tell us.  We will listen and provide you the simplified feedback to make the process work for you.  We listen to serve.  What works well will evoke more of the same, we guarantee it.  Return on investment is the inertia needed to propel your business to the next level…

    Our firm only makes money when you do, believe it or not.  Take the competitive advantage offer to you and make a mockery of others in your industry.  They do not stand a chance against us.

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