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    Google Searches Kill More Business Every Day than Poor Quality Products Do

    Have you ever performed a vanity Google search?  That is, have you ever Googled your own business’s name?  As you’re probably already aware, potential customers and leadsbad-reviews-online-review-monitoring will Google you before making a purchase from your business and will do so by using the world’s largest search engine as a 3rd party accomplice.

    According to a study conducted by MaCorr Research, 80 per cent of consumers regularly check the Internet for material about an online retailer, or “e-tailer,” before committing to a purchase.  Many times, a potential customer may never purchase an item from an e-tailer or online retailer unless they see at least some third party reviews, and they may not even need to see a negative piece of information to make their online purchase elsewhere if no online reputation has been established.  In other cases, nasty competitors or unscrupulous/unreasonable customers will leave negative reviews on a business in order to unjustly harm them and the negative information that is shown in Google under a business’s name will be negatively affected, and rightly so if the negative reviews were warranted.  It is generally a fact for most businesses that the possibility of changing what Google has to say about them is an impossibility, but it should not be the end all for your new customer acquisitions. Businesses can counteract these uncontrollable forces with self-declared positive press.

    Every business has heard about public relations and its role in providing a positive image in the minds of their customers and in gaining positive brand exposure.  Performing kind deeds or opening opportunities for others can often provide a reason for new customers to trust in your brand.  What people do not usually know, however, is that these opportunities can be leveraged for online reputation building.  In some cases, people doing exciting things within their own internal confines can gain positive press and need not spare effort to gain positive press coverage from these opportunities.  In either case, a press release can broadcast the facts to those who have media influence or perhaps are a part of the media themselves.  Real news coverage and opportunities for interviews is the virtual megaphone a business owner needs to propel his/her business to “branded” category in his/her local or national industry.

    GetRanked1st offers a press release/ public relations program available to any business looking to promote the positive things in the real world.  Because we understand the value of positive press online in influencing online and offline purchases, GetRanked1st has molded its marketing strategy to include this powerful tool.  When our clients do something notable the public should hear about, our public relations team jumps to learn more about the event and pumps the information out to those who care.  A well-crafted press release will gain the attention of hundreds of media outlets in a typical case and gain as many real web mentions that will appear in Google as positive markers of trust.  Media mentions of this type are listed mostly through online newspaper publications such as the Boston Globe Online and the San Francisco Gate, but also many other niche related websites that report on the subject.  It is common for someone to gain reasonable traffic to his/her website from these publications directly as a side benefit to our publicity generating goals as well as boosting search engine rankings.  Individuals reading Google news or similar publications, if interested, will click hyperlinks embedded within published press releases and have an opportunity firsthand to review the business in question if they want to learn more.  If a press release syndication interests them enough, they can in fact follow up with the business themselves to ask for more information whether it maybe an exclusive interview with a principal of that company or to speak at an industry related event.  Benefits from a professionally created press release go far beyond the reputation building aspects it was designed to create.

    Case Study

    Take a look at what we have done for one client in the insurance industry.  Frank Lengal from Lengal Financial has setup a raffle for a custom built motorcycle in order to attract a crowd at a local booth he has setup, and has built some great brand awareness for himself as a result.  Our team followed up with Mr. Lengal two weeks before the raffle launch date and used PR to attract and increase local attention to his booth with a well-timed release.  By being syndicated in his local media outlets, he was able to attract more of an audience to his booth and gained more positive press online that potential insurance customers would want to see.

    columbus disptach

    Finally, rankings for Mr. Lengal’s local search terms received a large boost from the new links generated for his site.  Customers who find his site via searching for an insurance provider in the Columbus, Ohio area will now be pleased to see he is a community player and likely to use Lengal Financial for all their financial product needs.



    Gaining the positive press you need to be a key player in your industry is not difficult to obtain.  GetRanked1st has the expert PR personnel on staff to make your business come alive.  With just one call, our PR specialist can begin creating your very first press release campaign highlighting your business across the web.  Our team will even deliver comprehensive reporting that details what new media coverage you receive.  A single press release can establish your business online in less than seven days, so start building your online reputation now.


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