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    SEO Friendly Ecommerce Website Development

    An eCommerce website’s best friend is organic search traffic.With all the content on an eCommerce website, getting noticed by the search engines is easy with the right setup. Your company needs to utilize every page of your website to be as friendly to the search engines as possible as this traffic should be your main source of advertising given time.

    eCommerce websites often have large shopping carts with 100′s or 1000′s of individual pages that all need to be optimized for each of their individual products. Having similar content for most of these pages is a common mistake website planners make as copy and pasting content from the manufacturers or distributors website is the easy way out.

    If there are 10 other companies selling the exact same products that your company is trying to sell, what is going to set your sales page apart from the competitors? The answer is simple, we optimize each eCommerce product page or shopping cart entry as if it was its own unique webpage- title tags, meta tags, and body content is generated to lure in any and all potential searchers that would be looking for your product. Keyword research is an essential part of this process as there are many synonyms for most products.

    The other half of this equation is back-links; the entry of your individual product pages to other websites that specifically describe the product your selling in the form of anchor text. This allows the search engine spiders to really notice your product pages.

    The results of having all the individual product pages fully optimized and promoted on the web can generate the organic search traffic you want. It is what will make or break most eCommerce websites.

    Let us build your eCommerce website from the start and incorporate all these factors for your company.


    Existing eCommerce Website SEO Friendly Development

    If your existing website is generating a poor volume of organic traffic, then let us revamp your website inside-out to increase its aesthetic value as well as search engine effectiveness to create a powerful marketing and sales machine.

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