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    ROI Optimization

    Every eCommerce web store in operation needs ongoing analysis to be successful. GetRanked1st can provide profitability tracking of your e-store and suggest changes as necessary.


    GetRanked1st can help your company monitor all of its products for sale to determine ROI numbers for each item individually.

    We can also assist your company profile to find out which sources of advertising are actually delivering you conversions. Your shopping cart structure will be optimized for its maximum effectiveness.


    Paid Traffic Analysis

    GetRanked1st will effectively help you find which of your paid traffic is generating ROI and which is not:

    Using pay per click advertising, a profit model can be driven to an exact science. For every dollar spent on traffic that targets a specific product, a net profit number can be generated from your sales report. Our ROI optimization service will allow you to identify which products are generating ROI, and by what percentage.

    Monthly reporting will show you current trends in your website sales, and opportunities to increase profits. Using this data can eliminate other non-profitable pay per click traffic.

    Other forms of online paid advertising such as banners can be monitored through landing page targeting and sophisticated analytics software. Profitable sources of traffic will be identified here as well for your company.


    Offline or Unpaid Traffic Analysis

    Offline forms of paid advertising can be tracked via phone surveys and form registrations available through checkout. Other unpaid traffic can be tracked in a similar manner.

    Organic search traffic will be monitored through analytics software to show which keywords are delivering the most product sales. High converting keywords should be devoted a higher level of search engine optimization.


    Shopping Cart Optimization

    The setup of your shopping cart and the products offered will also have a great effect on your ROI. Let GetRanked1st be a part of your overall eCommerce solution and create the most effective marketing strategy to maximize your profit potential.

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