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    Merchant Accounts

    GetRanked1st can assist your company in accepting credit cards on your website with ease.

    There are two options to pick from when accepting cc payments on your site, and we have the capability of installing both:


    3rd Party Merchant Account Providers 

    3rd party Merchant Account Providers allows you to bypass the process of obtaining your own merchant account.

    There are no approval process or credit checks, and implementation is simple. The 3rd party merchant account provider processes your credit cards for your company automatically when your customers make an online purchase.

    The main provider of 3rd party credit card processing is PayPal. PayPal takes care of all the fraud monitoring and security issues associated with processing credit cards over the Internet. The amount changed for their service is a flat rate per transaction only.


    Self Owned Merchant Accounts

    We can help your company setup its own merchant account with very little information from you.

    Merchant accounts are the typical choice for webmasters that do a large volume of credit card processing and or need to have greater control over the credit card billing process.

    Fees for having your own merchant account will include per transaction costs plus merchant account utilization fees.

    If your company chooses to use its own merchant account, then you must also utilize a payment gateway that enables your company to send your customers credit card details to your merchant bank. An example of a payment gateway service is authorize.net. GetRanked1st will help setup your merchant account and payment gateway together as to streamline the process of accepting payments online.

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