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    Maximizing Conversions

    When operating an eCommerce website or web store, the variables that can affect your conversions are infinite. The bigger the web store you operate, the more variables there are.

    Ultimately, small changes to how your cart is setup will have a drastically large effect on your conversion percentages. Often times, customers will get half way through the checkout process and stop because they have a question or concern that has left them unsure with the reliability of your process.

    We can track and monitor just how your customers are behaving and interacting with your web store to maximize your conversion rates.

    Cross marketing of your web stores products should be executed in the right manner as well for increased sales. Customers that want to purchase one item will certainly purchase another if presented with the opportunity.  Our job is to find out which products sell the best when offered to customers in pairs.


    Live Chat

    Adding a live chat agent to answer your customer’s questions during the checkout process will increase conversions in most web stores. Customers that are having second thoughts about purchasing your products can be rest assured at the pivotal commitment point.

    The telephone as an alternative simply offers too much distraction and removes the customer from the checkout process.

    We can setup live chat software for your company’s website as well as train operators to assist your customers during purchase and teach them step by step how to maximize effectiveness and concert prospective leads.

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