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    B2B: Finding the Most Effective Method of Communication to Get your Message Across

    Marketers, for those of you who are struggling to communicate with your sales prospects-either adapt, or die.

    Your job is to discover how to properly engage your clients to get your message across,grumpy girl plain and simple. There are literally dozens of effective ways to sell your product with almost all marketing mediums being effective one way or another. Through creative testing and an open mind, you too, can find a creative way to increase your sales numbers.

    The Challenge

    Marketers in the B2B space, while understanding well what it is their customers want, more often than not have difficulty standing out from the crowd. Unwilling to try new things or to put themselves in their prospects shoes, they seem like everyone else in their market. Out of the businesses that are using advanced tools such as virtual demos and videos however, a higher than average percentage of prospects are becoming customers as their prospects are listening long enough to properly obtain the value proposition. These expert marketers discover through trial and error what their typical customer is interested in, and they repackage it for their other prospects similarly.

    What We Have Done

    Upon making contact with prospects here at GetRanked1st, our goal has always been to explain the benefits of whatever we are selling in an easy to digest format. To do this, we use the most viable technology at our disposal to help us accomplish that goal.

    As a local business, an in person demo or presentation is always going to be the best choice for sales but certainly limits us in terms of market reach. A virtual demonstration using screen sharing or video conferencing is a great alternative to a face to face meeting. Using join.me or Skype, makes it possible to have a one on one with our clients as if we were actually already there. These tools are almost always used by us professionals at some stage of the sales process and will allow you to get your value proposition across to the client in a way they should respond well to.

    If you are using e-mail, you may want to think about using a video or a slide sharing application to get your point across in a more exciting way. We personally use an application called Goldmail to embed detailed videos in e-mail on the fly to explain vague or complicated concepts. Goldmail incorporates the ability to track video views using the gold mail cloud server app as to follow up with our prospects in a timely manner. If our prospect decides not to watch our video presentation in its entirety after opening it, we likely know our client is mostly disinterested in what we have to offer in that pitch.

    GoldMail Rich-Media Player


    Your average prospect will block your attempts to market to them as they are constantly bombarded with other advertising in their daily lives. Additionally, your prospects will probably have already been pitched by a competitor, so you must be cleaver in your sales methodology to gain interest. Using advanced tools and software technology however, it is possible to engage your client at a higher level through the use of surprise or added sensory stimulation to gain a competitive edge.

    What I have described to you above is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is possible to become more competitive in your market space. Get creative, and put a spin on whatever it is you’re currently doing. It can be the edge that puts your company over the top.

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